hot springs near Ashland?

topic posted Thu, March 23, 2006 - 12:26 PM by  BrettFromTibet
I need to take some quality time to chill out and awaken my senses.

I have heard a couple of people talking about hot springs in the area - but didn't catch the names.

Perhaps there are some where you can go for free, or pay just a little to relax and soak in good vibes?
If you have any recommendations, locations and cost, please let me know.

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  • Jackson Hot Springs, now called the Wellsprings, is located at the north entrance/exit of town. $5 I believe to use the naturally warm spring water swimming pool, the new heated wading pool and sauna. I know there are some other sweet spots I have heard of on the way down to Shasta or perhaps out to K falls, but I don't know thier names.

    • there is one called couger hotsprings about 2 hours north, and there is stewert mineral springs outside (north i beleive) of shasta... there is one or two up by diamond lake or lake of the woods i think....
      hope this helps
      • Is this a different Cougar than the hotsprings an hour east of Eugene? This is more like four hours or more from Ashland, actually called Terwilliger. If there is another that is really two hours north, I would love to know about it...maybe you meant Umpqua?
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    Wellsprings is close.
    There is one right outside of Shasta called Stewart.
    Both are really developed.
    If you are looking for a good raw spring, try Umpqua Hot Springs near Tokatee off the Umpqua River Highway. About 1 1/2 hours north- but so worth the drive.
    happy soaking....
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    jackson is overdeveloped but has good quality water. by the way dont wear silver in it there is a lot of sulfer in the h20
    stay away from couger it is deseased and the bugs there will eat you alive!
    umpqua rocks cock it is a sweet one prolly the best of the bunch.

  • My favortie would ahve to be Toketee Falls & Umpqua Hot springs...

    it is about an hour and 15 minutes from Ashland, but well worth the drive! The area is beautiful and there are two pools on the hillside above the river....a great place to relax and kick it for a couple of days. There is probably snow up there still but i believe the road is maintained for the most part. Maybe bring your snowshoes just in case.

    Jamaican Steve
    • Bummer about Cougar. It used to be so nice. We would go up there after the bars closed and stay until dawn... those were the days.
      • Actually, I think Cougar is much nicer these days. It was so trashed ten years ago, or so. People were always getting staph infections there, and hundreds of people would camp there in the summer. There were murders...Anyway, yes it is regulated, and you pay a minimal fee, but it is kept clean, and I never see more than a dozen or so people now. I bring my young children there, it is mellow. I love it, and think it is one of the best hotsprings anywhere!
        • Wow... that triggered a memory for me. I was there with my boyfriend back a long time ago and there was a photographer from National Geo who was doing a bit about and trying to save Cougar from Weyerhauser. These burly dudes came up and asked him to talk to them. He vanished. Literally. Gabriel, the caretaker, and I went on the hunt for him after we heard some yelling and such and we found his camera with no film in it broken by a tree. We waited for him for a while and then hiked out. His car was there, and the guys who had asked him to talk to them were sitting there and they said, "Best leave now, he won't be coming back." I still wonder what the hell happened to him. Damn.
          • talk about ghost stories by tha campfire...i'm gettin all scared n stuff...anywho~~~hotsprings....ahhhh.... i'd hafta agree that umqua/toketee iz the way to the beaten can camp for free...(outside the parking lot) theres like 4 hundred million super sweet waterfalls and swiming holes in the area...super magic...cliff jumping...clean...yum...lets is an hour and a half at least...closer ta 2...specially this time uv year..snow is on the sides uv tha roads...but plowing happens regularly...soooo worth the trip...don't skip toketee waterfall though!!!! 'tiz one uv the most beautiful i've seen anywhere...even costa name sacred...short hike...then when you reach the viewing deck thing...jump over the rail and hike down the hill to the waters can even swim to the cavey part behind the fall...ooohhhhhh so good.

            stewart mineral springs is about 45 min's south uv here..not hotsprings though...they are bath tubs thatchya fill up... really relaxing, but not the nach*you*ral vibes yer asking about...the well springs is also paved and funneled...

            if you hop on the 5 fwy south to redding and go east~~~you can make your way to big bend hot other favorite spot. so off the charts it's rediculous~~~~it's about a 3 hour drive. perfect blend uv some pools funneled into structures that look like fairies made them and totaly natural poos~unadulturated by the hands uv man~word up! hope these tid bits help~

            • J, where is the umpqua one? Directions, please, dear lady. I NEED a hot springs break. Badly.
              • O, and I remember when the Wellsprings was not so posh. It is rather nice now. In fact, when I was pregnant with my kiddo I went there to encourage him to turn over (he was breach) and damn if I didn't fall flat on the side of the pool when he took a serious somersault in me. It was cool and alarming.
              • go up to the medford/white city exit...i think thats crater lake hwy...go right....towards white city...i think (sorry about the "i think"s) that is hwy 152??? anyway, it goes toward crater lake...that dead ends and you go left...that hwy takes you to umquoa...look at a's called toketee falls/hot's gonna be a right off that hwy...kinda tricky once yer there ta tell ya the rest......good luck...